Hello! I am VazDrae! I am also known as YouonPictures around the internet. I am mainly known by my nickname, DJ, or sometimes just by my first name, Dalton. I am currently 20 years of age and live in a small town just west of Madison, WI. As of right now I am not always sure of what I want to be. Though, I am always interested in computer programming, graphics design, web design, and just plain art. I love to spend time designing applications for Mac/Windows/Linux OS's, Android, and iPhone platforms, and just designing electronic devices such as smartphones and video game consoles. I am a very tech savvy person, but do not always have the resources to do what i want to do. I am also a collector of video game systems, and other video game products. In my collection I currently own: A PlayStation 3, (2) PlayStation 2s, a Sega Dreamcast,  a Nintendo Gamecube, a Nintendo 64, a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Yobo FC Game console, and used to own a Sega Genesis until forced to sell. (Which i plan to get another one day.) I am always expanding this small collection when i can. I also have a quite a bit of computers. I own 5 computers. Two of which are Windows OS systems, another 2 run on the Linux Ubuntu OS, and the last is an older eMac, which runs Mac OS X Tiger.  Aside from that I am also a Furry. What is a furry you may ask, if you dont already know. Well if you were to look it up on Google, you may find positive and negative on it. Basically what furry is, is 'furry' is a short/slang term for anthropomorphism. Anthropomorphism is basically an animal with human like characteristics. Many furries can be seen in modern day society without you knowing it. Scooby Doo is technically a furry. Bugs Bunny is technically a furry. Now you see? Indeed. But what is being a furry mean? Well being a furry means your in the furry fandom. You are a fan of furries, you like to draw your own furry character, or admire someone else's drawings.

I founded VazDrae Studios as a little hobby project in 2010 for all my creations that I do.

Well, there you go, a little on your good old(or new) friend, VazDrae!

You can also find me on many social sites, listed below:

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