Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Yes indeed! My friend Mathew and I have created a new podcast, entitled "Bat & Bax Cast" A play on our positions in the furry fandom. Him being a bat, and I being a lombax, which 'bax' was created from, I know, how creative!

Anyways, it's a podcast having to do with the furry fandom, and or other related fandom of its type. Furry being the main of course, as we both relate closely to it. We both also just recently went to Midwest Furfest 2013, and I shall have a story on that coming up!

We started this Podcast in October of this year, and were planing on doing it monthly. We have October's episode out now. It is now however December and we have not released an episode since, this has to do with us being extremely busy. I for one just switched jobs, and have been busy getting up to schedule with training and other various things.

We are planing on having a December episode out soon, recapping our experience at MFF 2013, and are excited to do so.

You can keep up with our podcast at its website at,

Stay tuned! =)


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