Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The box, that nice soft-touch box
So pretty much out of the blue I decided to start up a podcast with my friend. We would be covering a podcast related to various geek culture, mostly fandoms such as the furry, or anime fandoms. When I went to go about this I realized I really didn't have any hardware. Well I mean I do have microphones, but they are all old shipped with old desktop PCs mics, one was a Packard Bell mic from 1995. I really don't think that would do the job.

So, one night I made my way into Best Buy to check out their (dwindling) selection of audio recording equipment. Their was your standard karaoke type mics and your very expensive mics. I eventually found the M-Audio Vocal Studio microphone. The box was nice and it had an appealing design (I h
The mic itself, in it's stand
ave a thing for stuff that comes in a soft-touch box). Its price range was in-between (under $100) So I decided to pick it up.

In the box comes the microphone itself, a stand, the USB cable, and a leather case.
It mic is heavy and feels very well built, real metal, the whole works, etc. Its very nice.
The stand even is feels high quality, its quite heavy, and works very well for setting on the desk and such.
The USB cable is standard fare, nothing special here.
And the leather case feels like pretty legit leather, but it could be fake, I'm not a pro, but its very nice nonetheless, and its soft padded inside.

So... how about how does it do audio recording? Fantastic. But why talk about it, here is my little sample audio from the actual microphone:

There ya go, it has pretty awesome quality, for the price and is fantastic to use if your looking for a mic for something like a podcast, or a webshow, or if your an internet radio DJ, this would be an awesome mic.
Your not going to get the audio quality that you get from a really high end mic, no, but for it's price and what you get, its pretty fantastic.

So if you're looking for a fairly cheap but fantastic microphone for something like podcasting, I defiantly recommend the M-Audio Vocal Sudio Microphone.
Pick up one for yourself at Amazon, its a little cheaper that most places I've found. I have since seen it at the store, such as Guitar Center for $99, which is more than what Amazon has it, pick it up here for less:

Avid Vocal Studio Digital Recording Bundle with Pro Tools and USB Condenser Microphone


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