Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Well, if you know me personally, or just read some other blog posts on here, you may know that I love Pontiacs. Pontiac is the only American car brand I personally like. And while I like quite a bit of Pontiacs, these are my top 10 most favourite Pontiacs out there. I am doing this a bit differently, I will include multiples of the same model, however different model years, because they are quite different depending on the year of course.


Pontiac Torrent

Yes, yes, I know... The Torrent was basically a re-badged Chevrolet Equinox. However, It's quite a bit better than an Equinox. First thing, it was a Pontiac, it's already better. Secondly, it looks several times better. Seriously stand back and compare the front of an Equinox and a Torrent. The Equinox doesn't look ugly or bad by any means, but it's just sorta.. bland, boring, nothing exciting. It's just another SUV... Where as the Torrent looks aggressive and cool. It looks as if the designer was passionate about what they were doing. They did a great job. I was never a huge SUV fan myself, but if I were ever to need one one day, A Torrent will be my choice. Not to mention the Torrent also had a GXP version. The GXP Torrent had a 264 HP V6 engine, a performance tuned suspension, hood-scoops, full leather GXP interior with Piano Black and Chrome trim as well. 


Pontiac G6

The Pontiac G6 was basically the "Generation Sixth" Grand Am. The Grand Am was basically modernized here. Now, the G6 may not be the greatest design Pontiac have created, but compared to the other cars in it's class once again, it look much better. A G6 in the GT trim looks quite nice indeed, with the edition of the leather interior, it is a nice ride. I have had a chance to drive a G6 quite a bit, as my friend has once, and she has let me drive it and mess around. It has a nice amount of power and feels and sounds pretty good, it even rode quite nice. Another thing to mention is the sound system. The stock speakers sound great and produces a loud and powerful bass. My friends and I were blow away with the audio system.


'95-96 Pontiac Grand Prix

The main reason why I am including these Grand Prix on here is basically just because of there design. The really skinny and long headlights, with the traditional Pontiac split grille just makes these Grand Prix agressive and cool looking. Yes, it's a 90's American car, but once an a while in the 90s a good American car was made, and the 95/96 Grand Prix was one of them. They were good looking, sounded good, good milage, etc. That is why the 95/96 Grand Prix makes it on my list.


1973-1975 Pontiac Grand Am

Ah, the first Grand Am. They started out in the 70's as a car to compete with the European cars of its time. Grand Am was from Grand Prix luxury with Trans Am performance, and at this time it was quite true. The 73-75 Grand Am came with either 6.5 or 7.4 litre V8 engines, they were big and loud, and pretty much awesome. The bodys of the first Grand Am also look quite 'Muscle-car' like as well. Two doors, big metal body, etc. The interiors of the first Grand Ams were also quite nice, some leather wrapped features, cloth things, etc. If I ever have much money to spare one day, I wouldn't mind having a first generation Grand Am to fix up and restore and drive daily. Would be quite awesome indeed.


'98-03 Pontiac Grand Prix

And again, a Grand Prix makes the list. Again, for its design. When this generation of Grand Prix started in 1997 they didn't quite have that design the 98s and up had, the bottom front part of the front was kinda funky looking, but in 98 they introduced a version that moved the split grille between the headlights, and put on long and downward facing bottom grille. When Pontiac does that they make some great looking cars.. The GTO, the Torrent, this car, etc... These Grand Prix also came with the 3800 V6 engine, a 3.1 or 3.8 V6 engine, in addition there was also the GTP which had a Supercharged 3.8 engine. Ever since this model, Grand Prixs have quite a noticeable exhaust note. I can usually tell a Grand Prix just by its exhaust note from these Grand Prix on up.


'68/69 Pontiac GTO

The Judge as it is more known as. This design of the GTO is my most favourite out of the classic GTOs. I mean, you really can't go wrong with a Pontiac GTO. The reason I chose this GTO, is again, because of its design. It has a big split grille with the nose sticking out, and the large long rectangle front with the lights in it. It looks great. I don't get to see much of these type of GTOs were I live, but it's awesome when I do. These GTOs also are on the TV quite often though, which is always great to see. I'd love to have one myself one day too.


'99-05 Pontiac Grand Am

There is just something special about these Grand Ams. It might have to do with that they are the car I drive the most. I mean where I live right now, with my family, we have 3 Grand Ams. Two of them are mine, and one is my mom's. My first car was a 2002 Grand Am SE Sedan. I had a bad bit of luck when driving this past December and lost control and flipped that one off the side of a hill. It landed on its wheels and I got out without a single bruise. The car still works and will even drive, however it is quite dinged up. Shortly after that I got myself another... A 2000 Grand Am GT CoupĂ©. I just love that thing. The reason I love them is because, they looks great for what they are. For a compact car they are one of the best. Other cars in it's class such as the Toyota Camry, is like... why would you buy that. A Camry is boring, bland, and boring, and boring. The Grand Am is exciting. And the GT has a 3400 Ram-Air V6 which makes a great sound, quad-exhaust with exhaust tips, a nice stereo with an amp included, mine has a sunroof, black interior which looks awesome and sporty... I mean, I love this car... And this car's community, such as the Grand Am Owner's Club is awesome.


Pontiac G8

Yes, yes, I know, again, it is a Holden. But again, this Holden looks its best as a Pontiac. As a Holden, once again it looks fine, but bland, and not as exciting as a car with a V8 under its bonnet should. It has that great Pontiac top split grille and large bottom grille design going on. It has hood scoops and quad polised exhaust in the rear. And yes, the performance of a BMW M3, yet half the price, and well, In my opinion looks better than an M3. You really can't go wrong with a G8. 


'05/06 Pontiac GTO

With most people they will like the classic GTOs more. Not with me. I do really love the classic GTOs, but for some reason I love the new GTOs. I did leave the 2004 GTO out on purpose. The 04 didn't have hood scoops and only dual-exhaust on one side. The 05/06 GTO have the hood scoops and the dual exhaust on both sides that look great. And well, I love these GTOs the most is there design. It has that perfect design of headlights with the Pontiac spilt grille in the top center, and the long downward facing bottom grille. It just looks agressive and awesome. The interior is also quite awesome, and commonly found in a 6-Speed manual transmission, which is a must for me when I obtain one one day.


'77-81 & '99-02 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Yes, the Trans Am. My decision on this might have to do with the fact that my dad has a 1980 Trans Am Turbo. He has had it since the 80s, so when I was little, I was around it quite often, and was given rides in it a lot. Growing up then gave me the impression that Pontiac was always the "sports" car of GM. And well, they still always will be. The 77-81 are probably the most iconic Trans Ams, which is why I include them on here. That big muscle car look, flared wheel arches, that huge bonnet, small boot, and In my opinion, the best graphic related to cars, the Firebird painted across it's bonnet. I mean, how much better can you get than having a huge bird shooting flames out of it's mouth on the bonnet of your car. I also included the 99-2002 Trans Am as well. I'm a sucker for these T/A's with that huge Ram-Air hood and all it's sporty lines.. It's hard not to like that Trans-Am. Those T/As also make that same model Chevrolet Camaros look like absolute crap. I mean why would you buy that year Camaro when you could get a Trans Am? Just doesn't make any sense to me...


  1. my dad also had an 80 turbo.its my favorite car just fell in love with it