Friday, 7 December 2012

I'm going to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of hatchbacks. Most of them are really ugly, and make little sense to me buying one over a normal sedan/coupé. However, some companies have got it right, and made one that look proper and nice. So, here is my Top 5 of hatchbacks I myself would be caught driving.


Volkswagen  Scirocco 

Well, this is interesting. A Volkswagen I would drive. And it's a hatchback. I've never really been of fan of any Volkswagen vehicle. Most of them are kinda boring, or ugly. I know they are good reliable cars, but I just mean, bleh! But this, however, the Scirocco. They made something with a pretty, and cool looking design. The Scirocco isn't boring in anyway. I know it isn't a huge powerhouse, and the biggest amount of horsepower you can get out of one is a 2.0L engine producing 200 HP. (Hey, thats just as much as a dumb Ford Thunderbird V8, and this thing is a straight 4 with good gas milage!) Another downfall is that it isn't available in the US, and only Europe, which is a shame. We will have to suffer with most of there bleh, boring, ugly-ish cars...


Pontiac Vibe GT-R

I don't mind the Pontiac Vibe as it is. It's a Pontiac. It has good lines, good design, and found commonly in a manual transmission. However, the Vibe GT-R is even better. It was designed for SEMA, and it shows. Black and red interior, MOMO bucket seats, 6-speed manual, custom Kenwood Audio System w/ subs and amp, non-rediculous-looking spoiler, MOMO petals, AEM rotors , Ram-Air system, custom suspension, and a 1.9L 190HP engine with good gas milage. Oh yes, I'd be driving that  for sure. 


Volkswagen Golf GTI

Holy schmokes! Two Volkswagens on my list! This is something new... But yes, when you talk about hatchbacks, most people would choose the Volkswagen GTI. Mainly because it's pretty good looking (not the greatest, the above Scirocco, and Vibe GT-R I think looks better) but what is special about this hatchback, is its performance. It handles good, it's fast, it does it all, oh and its sensible. You can use it in everyday situations... like going grocery shopping. The Golf GTI is probably on everyone's list of top hatchbacks, most of the time they choose it as number one, but not me however, I have different ones for that... but anyways it has a 2.5L Turbocharged engine producing 200 HP.


Alfa Romeo Brera

Dat Sexy Ass....
Well, if you know me, you know I absolutely love Alfa Romeos. They make some of my most favourite cars. I also think they make some of the best looking cars in the world. The 159, the 8C, the Montreal, the list goes on, and this one makes the list as well. It's the Alfa Romeo Brera... It has a front end designed the same as the 159 (which you may know.. Is probably the best looking front end to a car ever), and they didn't stop there, the back is just as good. Most of the other cars above this don't have the greatest looking back end, heck the back end of the Alfa Brera is better looking than the above Golf GTI itself. It's that good looking, I do believe. Yes, like with most Alfas you cannot get this one in the United States. However, an upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulietta is coming to the United States, and that looks pretty good as well, not as good looking as this one, but it's still good. Even better, the Brera is got some more power than the other above. You can get the 2.2L JTS with 260 HP, or a 3.2L V6 with 210 HP. And hey, it's an Alfa, the engine will sound goooooood.


Citroën DS3 Racing

Yes, the hatchback that I like best, is a Citroën. Why? Because it looks cool, and right in every way. Inside and out. I first saw the DS3 Racing when Jeremy drove it in a Top Gear Hatchback Challenge episode. Yes, the wheels are orange, and it has crazy graphics all over it. But really, why not? The people who complain about the DS3 Racing are the same people who complain about red brake calipers. Smile a little, laugh a little, enjoy life a bit more, have fun with it. And Citroën sure did with this one. It has a straight 4 cylinder engine with 207 HP, so it's quick and yet good on gas. It's also just as sensible as the Golf GTI. It has a top speed of 147 MPH, and gets to 0-100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. It's not bad.. It sure is't the best performance out of all the ones ive chosen, but I've just fallen for this things looks. Yes, again, it's not available in the United States, which is always a bummer, but if I ever have a good amount of money one day, and need a hatchback, I'm going to try to get this guy...


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