Monday, 5 November 2012

Main room machines
That's right. A retro arcade has made its way into Madison. A problem has been solved, for me at least. I kept hearing of these retro arcades opening. But they were never in this state. Minneapolis has gotten a couple of retro arcades. Some place in Illinois has gotten one. But not Wisconsin. Until now... The place has existed for a while, but just recently (Summer of 2012) the place has added the retro arcade portion of place. It's called Rossi's Vintage Arcade and Pizzeria. I initially searched on Google out of curiosity once again for retro arcade, and the place showed up on the list. I started getting real excited as we had a retro arcade! I mean, even a non-retro arcade is hard to find around central Wisconsin. It's sad. I mean there was apparently another retro place in Lake Geneva called Gameland. But from what I heard it was going into the crapper, as the owner wasn't really interested and was charging a walk-in fee and all that stuff.

The main Pizzeria area. Arcade cabs everywhere in this place!
Walking into the Arcade room
But no longer are we in the issue of not having a retro arcade! Rossi's comes to the rescue! So, immediately I made an arrangement go there with some of my friends. It is in a older style strip building with apartments on top and commercial area on the bottom, like such. The door to the arcade says enter though the main dining area door. So we did and it goes into the main pizzeria. The place is decorated with nostalgia and other random stuff all over the walls. Inside the main dining area there are also some arcade machines, including a SEGA Hang-On, a Space Invaders cocktail machine, a 280 ZZZAP machine, Pole Position machine, Air Hokey table, and some other machines, including a very old pinball machine. Walking further into the dining area near the couter there is a sign that says ARCADE --> which points down the hallway into another room in which the arcade is located. The room is darkly light, with glowing screens and marquees everywhere. That is the perfect atmosphere for arcades.  Walking further into the room you are greeted with a Galaga machine right away. Then to the left are some machines like Tempest, Dig-Dug, Donkey Kong Jr., and Missile Command. Walking past these machines a Pac-Man machine is to the left and another hallway to another room with more machines, which is also darkly lit with some black lights illuminating some florescent pictures on the wall, including your lighter coloured clothing.

Friends gather around to watch my friend play Dig-Dug
In this front room there are machines to the left, they are the original Donkey Kong, Centipede, and Gauntlet. Past those are four pinball machines. In those is an old Doctor Who themed one. To the left in that room, you see a Paperboy, Raiden II, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat II, and Rampage machine. Retrurning to the other room, the machines continue lining the room. More include 1942, Rastan, Double Dragon, Sea Wolf,  and tons more. On the otherside include the Williams machines like Joust, Sinistar, and Robotron. Walking further down at the end are Punch Out! and Discs of Tron machines. Turning around the corner you see a Heavy Barrel, Elevator Action, Contra, Excitebike, and an Indiana Jones machines. Turning again there are more machines back to back with the Dig-Dug, Tempest, etc machines, which include a BurgerTime!, Mario Bros, Ms. Pacman, and Q*Bert machines.

Front room, to the left!
More main room machines
This place is just plain awesome. Awesome pretty much just sums it all up really. Not only is the arcade freaking awesome the pizza at the place is great too! Its thin-crust (my favourite), and tastes really good. They also have slice specials which includes as man slices as you want of the choice available pizzas and a can of soda out of the retro-themed 7-UP fridge. Just awesome  The first time I went was on a Sunday around 3ish. There was only a father and his son playing around on the machines. Later though more people started showing up, and eventually we had to leave. However I just went on a Friday night, and it was rather busy in the arcade, as several people were standing at the machines playing the games and having a great time. It really was awesome to see that.

To Rossi's Vintage Arcade and Pizzeria  Thank you! Thank you for being awesome and I wish you guys the best of luck with this place.

**Also they have even more machines than just that in storage ready for circulation into the arcade room. So I look forward to seeing what they have next!**

Also, included, is my video tour of the place!


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