Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Alright. So I haven't blogged about it... but I recently upgraded myself from an over 2 year old HTC Desire (which by the way was an amazingly awesome phone) to a 32GB White Samsung Galaxy S3 4G on US Cellular. The Galaxy S3 sports many new things, such as a dual-core CPU, a huge awesome HD display, Android 4.0 ICS, and a front camera, and an 8MP rear camera! And well, if you don't know me, cameras are important... I sorta have a thing for photography, and love to take pictures. I ain't no pro a photography, its sorta just a thing I do for fun. So, immediately i was raring to test out the camera on this thing and see what its like. And well, I can say... It takes some awesome pictures. It beats out my 12MP Fujifilm digital camera already. And it takes videos in 1080p as well... Anywho, I thought I would show off some pictures I have taken so far with my Galaxy S3 for your viewing pleasure and to see how awesome of pics this thing takes....


  1. This is what I love with Samsung Galaxy SIII too, its superb picture quality. Add the fact that it has a great RAM, software and processor making ti the fastest and best phone in the world (at least for me).

    -Bethany Morrison

  2. Yeah, very nice phone. I got mine last Christmas as my name was picked in the raffle on our company Christmas party. I guess I deserved it after all my hard work all year round.

    -Lawrence Banks

  3. Hey, does it support wireless printing so I can just directly print pictures from my phone? It is working on an iPhone.

    -Gwyn Stiles

    1. It depends on the printer model, and if the S3 supports it. Could just need an app. Hard to say...

  4. Image quality is something that Samsung should be proud of, but that doesn't mean they could go for reckless advertising against Apple. But this is really brilliant! A lot of smartphone users are into high-quality camera phones. -- Hugh Privett

  5. The Galaxy S3 is by far the best mobile phone I ever had. It has amazing feature, superb image quality and specs is just great. Plus the mobile apps are endless, I couldn't ask for more. -Cadence

  6. Most importantly with 700 tvl dome camera you can disguise the cameras FOV where box/bullet cameras it is obvious where the camera is pointing.