Monday, 23 January 2012

I love cars, but didn't really pick up on that until I got my first car. Then everything made sense, why people go mad over cars. It makes me notice more than just the normal brands here like Chevy or Dodge for example. Now you see those other brands like Saab, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, etc. But anyways, living here in Wisconsin we really don't get to see the super cars like other parts of the US do, but they are here. I have actually found an auto dealer in Milwaukee, WI that sells exotic cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, and other foreign cars like Alfa Romeos.  Kinda neat for here. Anyways, here are some of the super cars spottings in Wisconsin that I have actually seen and taken pictures of. Some though I really wasn't able to get a picture of sadly.

Audi R8 V10 Spyder - Madison, WI
While traveling to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries in downtown Madison, WI my friend noticed a car in the Super Target parking lot that wasn't in a parking stall. He said it looked like an R8. My first reactions where like, no... there is no way an R8 is parked here in Madison. It probably was an Audi that has that similar front end of an R8. But I turned around and took a look, and boy was I surprised to see it was an R8. I turned the car right around and drove right to the R8 and took some pictures of it and with it. It was already a pretty awesome day, but seeing an Audi R8 V10 Spyder parked here in Madison made it even better.

Lotus Exige - Madison, WI
It was only a couple weeks or so earlier than the Audi R8 spotting, but me and my friends also spotted this Lotus in Madison on our way back from Five Guys. It was traveling down University Ave in downtown Madison, WI and we tried to keep up with it for a bit. It was pretty neat, as I had never seen a Lotus in person before. I actually didn't know a huge amount about Lotus at all really. Interesting though, driving down the road more, there was another Lotus that was yellow, going the other direction. Was a pretty cool day...

Aston Martin V8 or V12 Vantage - Cross Plains, WI
I say V8 or V12 Vantage because I was not sure what it said, but I was able to make out Vantage. This is the only spotting that I have seen more than once. They live around Cross Plains, WI. The first time I saw the Aston Martin was when it was driving through town. And the other time I was working, and when I went out the deliver food to someone's car, I saw it across the street at the Kwik Trip gas station filling up. I wasn't able to get it's picture because it was either going the other way, or when i was working. I was actually talking about this in school when someone else came out and told me they've seen it around Cross Plains, WI as well. So someone in that town must own it.

Tesla Roadser - Milwaukee, WI
This is technically the first spotting I took a picture of, but at the time I wasn't much into cars, and really didn't know much about this thing. I just took a couple of pictures of it. While I was at the Discovery World Museum on Pier Wisconsin right around downtown Milwaukee, WI they were demonstrating this car out to people there, and I think were giving rides. I really wish I could have gotten a ride now... oh well. I think this is pretty cool now to find that I have picture of the Tesla Roadster, and I've been right next to it.

Nissan GT-R - Black Earth, WI
Now, seeing this thing drive down the main street through my hometown was pretty cool. But being that I was standing on the sidewalk and not having any cameras ready means I didn't really get a good picture of it. But i did manage to get a snip of it. I whipped out my phone and ran down the street and tried to get a good picture of it, but I just got the back end of it with a bunch of motorcycles behind it. But yeah, me and my friend were just standing there on the sidewalk and he says, "Hey! Isn't that a GT-R?!" and I look and i was like, "It is!!!" and we ran after it. This was also the day that that we first saw the Aston Martin drive through town.

Well, there you have it. As I start to see more super cars, and hopefully this summer head to some cool dealerships, I will add more photos to this collection. Thanks for reading!

More Pictures
Audi R8 V10 Spyder - Rear
Another picture of the Tesla Roadster

Closer up to the Lotus Exige
Another picture of the R8, front-side.


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  2. I rarely see an Audi R8 in public places such as this. And it could have been sweeter if you were able to take a clear picture of that gt-r!
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  3. @MisYahd Yeah, i realized it was an GT-R as it drove by, so i was like, Crap! And took out my phone and opened the camera app, and tried to chase it down... but no luck... and yeah, its one of my faves, not my top though...

  4. @Emilee Really? Well, where i live I can belive it, as this is the only one in person i have ever seen... It was an awesome moment when we saw it... And yes, i would have loved to get a good pic of it... and the Aston of course...

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