Saturday, 7 January 2012

My current car is a 2002 Pontaic Grand Am SE, its got a 2.2L l4 150hp engine in her. I personally think she looks brilliant. It has that aggressive front end, and sporty body style. That is what I like. Now, this car is mostly owned by my parents. So, when my brother is going to get his first car, which isn't isn't to far in the future anymore, he is going to get my Grand Am. Leaving me to get my own car. So I've sorta been thinking about what to get. Always thought about getting another Grand Am. Though the Grand Am GT, with the hood scoops, and in manual transmission if I can. But I've also been thinking about getting myself a Porsche 944. They are rather in-expensive, sporty, and a Porsche for gods sake, and a Porsche I like the look of. But while doing my random lookings, I came across the car I absolulty love. The Alfa Romeo 159. This thing just looks like a beast from the front, it has clean sleek lines running down the bonnet. The back looks good as well. And it looks sporty. The interior of a car matters too. Inside my Grand Am, it is styled very sporty. Its the same with the Alfa. Very sporty looking, some models even come with carbon fiber trim around everything, with colour contrasting red and black stitching leather bucket seats. I'm just in love with the 159.
That sexy aggressive front end...

The engines options that the 159 has also arn't bad. Granted, this is not a sports car... A 1.7L l4, 1.8L l4, 1.9L l4, 2.2L l4, or a 3.2L V6. Now even the lowest of the lot, the 1.7L straight 4 has 200 HP. And she sounds pretty good for just being a 4-cylinder. Now, it would be my dream to own the 3.2L V6 one, that sounds even better, and has even more power, etc.

But the greatest thing about this car is... its sensible. Its a reality to own it. In the UK I've seen really good condition used ones going for just over $8,000. This thing was deigned to not cost alot. Alfa Romeo wanted people to buy them, so they made them in-expensive.

An Alfa Romeo 159 spotted on Interstate-94 in Michigan 
Now, recently Fiat bought the Chrysler company, so thats why we are starting to see Fiats here again. And Alfa Romeo being a Fiat division, they also said Alfa Romeo is coming back to the US. As, the 159 is not available of course here in the states. Even though some 159s have been spotted in the US before. So, with this return to the US, Alfa says they are bringing the 159... they better be. Or I'm importing my next car... And I am very serious about getting this car one day. It will be... someday...