Sunday, 4 December 2011

Well, then I suggest the movie, "You Are Umasou". It is an anime movie, and yes.... it is more geared towards children. The entire movie is in Japanese, but you can watch the entire movie on YouTube, and with English subtitles. I came across the movie with-in someone's favourites. The thumbnail for it looked interesting, so I clicked it, it was part 3 of 9. I watched it for a bit and became interested, so i started from part 1. Its about a plant eater that ended up raising a meat eater. The meat eater grows up a bit, and doestn't understand why he doesn't like the same food as his pant-eating brother and mother. He would only enjoy berries. Well, as you can guess he eventually finds his true taste in meat, which leads trouble at home. This eventually spins off into another part of the movie, following Heart (the main character, the meat-eater) as he grows up and finds a little something for himself (I don't want to spoil). This eventually ties back into the first part of the movie.

Okay, yes, I am an 18 year old male, and I loved this movie. And I will admit... it made be tear up at several points in the movie. It really makes you appreciate your parents and your loved ones. The movie is absolutely adorable, cute and very heart-warming. I just finished watching it, and I just have this feeling sitting in my heart. A deep feeling of joy and love. It's that good of a movie. Its one of those movies that will put you in a supper happy mood, making you feel like, how could I ever been mean? How could I ever be sad? Type of moods and feelings. Its that good. I think this movie is already going down into my list of greatest movies ever. This movie deserves full English dubbing, and to be seen everywhere. I don't care how old you are... this is a great movie. And it deserves more recognition, and if you got the time you should probably start watching it... like now.

And thank you to the person who translated and put the English subs on the movie. Even if the translations aren't perfect, its very easy to see where the movie is going.

So, here you go start off at Part 1 Here.

I'll also embed here so you can just take a peek if you want:


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