Monday, 5 December 2011

Well, no actually. This isn't a post on the old 60s & 70s Pontiac GTO. But about the newer model GTOs. If you don't know me then, I love Pontiacs. I love the specific Pontiac style. The arrowhead pointed front ends, the split grills, the aggressive "angry" fronts and styling. Its just has that special style that just makes me not look the other way. Why did I title this the "classic GTO?" Even if its not new, I think it just deserves to be called a classic.

Interesting bit though, the Pontiac GTO really is Australian. It is basically a re-bagged Holden Monaro. But its a little bit more than that. They did change the front end of the Monaro to match classic Pontiac styling. Which I do believe made the car better. If you compare the standard Monaro to a GTO, the GTO just looks more "badass". Same goes for the Vauxhall, and Chevrolet variant of this car as-well. The Pontiac version just looks the best in my opinion. If I ever lived in Australia, or other places, I would still have the GTO version.

The Australian Holden Monaro Front End
The American Pontiac GTO Front End

I have a thing for new cars. Most people have a thing for old cars, me, not as much. I like some old cars. I do like the older GTOs as well, and I do like the old Trans Ams as well. I also have a thing for the original
1970s Pontiac Grand Ams as-well. But when it comes to the GTO, I'll take a 2005 model over any other. The new GTOs carry a 5.7 or 6.0L V8 in them, shoving out 350 or 400HP. Even though this is technically a muscle-car, it screams European sports car. There you go, if you want an American car thats like a European sports car, the GTO is perfect. Wait! You say, I thought this is Australian. Well, I guess technically, yes. But if you think about it... Holden is a division of GM. Which is American, just Holden is there Australian division. Basically just designed in Australia and has an American engine in it.

I think this car just never got the attention it deserved. A lot of people tell me the styling is boring, and looks like a regular car. Well, for some reason... I like that. I think that its the feeling of finding potential in something that doesn't seem to have potential that gets me. It goes for my regular car, which is a Pontiac Grand Am. It's really just a "family car" but It feels so much like a sports car inside and out, and is a blast to drive.

All in end, I love the 2000s GTOs. And its a shame that Pontiac will never get to make another new one..... maybe..... Thank you Australia for making the car, and thank you Pontiac for putting your touch on it, and giving us a great car. One of these days, I'll own one myself.

Also, here we have a video from Saabkyle04 giving a full tour of a 2004 model GTO:


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