Monday, 18 July 2011

I first stumbled upon a picture of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics by Google Image searching "concept sports car" it caught my eye. I first thought it was a 3D rendering someone at home wiped up. But I later came across it again. Then I came across BMW's official YouTube channel, with a video on it. It was real, there really was a Efficient Dynamics, it wasn't just a 3D rendering. I made me happy. There was something about this car that puts it right in with some of my most favourite cars (which are the Audi R8, and several Pontiac models). This machine has that aggressive look that I love in cars. Just look at the front of it. It has those angry styled head lights. Another thing about this car, is its colour scheme. Its pretty different, but I like it. Now the rear, the rear of the car is pretty neat as well. It may not be my most favourite styling, but its diffidently unique.

Whats the engine in this beats you may ask? Well, that's something too. This car actually only has a plug0-in hybrid 1.5L 3 cylinder turbo diesel engine. Well that isn't the only engine on this thing, in addition to the 3 cylinder engine there are two electric engines each with 139 horsepower. With these engines the car accelerates from 0-100 KPH in 4.8 seconds, which isn't to bad. But get this, the best thing about this engine is its fuel economy. It gets about 75.1 mpg! Now that I want.

BMW announced that there will be a mass production of this car in 2013, which it will be called the "BMW i8".
How much will it cost? I don't think we have a number yet, but im sure its bound to be over $100,000.

Even if most of us cannot afford a BMW i8, it would be neat to see this engine set up with 75.1 mpg in other lower-cost BMW models. Hey, maybe they already have plans to do this. But still, that i8 is a beautiful car, with a very different style, which I like very much.


  1. I wish the front fascia would make it into the next generation BMW's, as it is the most doable. The rest is too different to make this the future design language of BMW. If I remember right, they were going to build this and some other similar vehicle.

  2. I agree. All BMWs would look pretty "badass" if they had the same style design as this one. And i agree, the rest of the car is quite extreme from any other BMW style. And are you talking about the BMW M1 Concept?