Friday, 11 February 2011

Sony PlayStation 2

1. PlayStation 2 For the amount of great games, and the amount of great memories i will always have playing the PS2.
2. Nintendo 64 Once again for the great games, but with the tons of fun with family and friends, since this was a party machine.
3. Sega Dreamcast for the awesome little things this system can do. And again for its great games, and uniqueness. Its just sad that this little system did not get the recognition or praise it deserves. 
4. Nintendo Entertainment System [NES] This guy was my first video game system, and will always remain in the top 5 list forever. It has the oldest memories of family and friends for me with video games. No system or games will ever replace this system's place in my heart.
5. PlayStation 3  This guy can literally do anything, and can be tons of fun, and for all the features this guy has.

Nintendo 64
Sony PlayStation 3
Nintendo Entertainment System

Sega Dreamcast


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