Thursday, 10 February 2011

So, i want to compare some big guys here. iOS, which is found on iPhones, iPod touches (there is no such thing as iTouches, please stop calling them that.), and iPads. And compare it to the OS known as Android. Which is found on several devices. Now in my screenshtos, i am going to be using my phone, an HTC Desire. The HTC Desire has a skin running over top of Android known as Sense UI. So dont worry if you have seen Android, and it looks different. Stock Android looks similar just with some different colours and graphics, other than that they do the same thing.

So here is my basic comparison to some things on iOS to on Android, to try to pursuade everyone that iPhone is not that great, and you wont be the cool kid in school if you own one anymore.

Lets get started.

1. Browser speeds. At most Android always loads pages faster. Granted, there may be some factors. Such as the type of Android phone you have. My Android phone has a 1GHz CPU, so my HTC Desire has about the same specs, actually better specs than the iPhone 4. Android normally finishes finishes a couple minutes to (ones in a while, according to my tests) a minute or so faster than iOS... which sometimes i would get a random lag on loading pages.

2. Web media. Well first off, im going to my good ol' friend's website,
Home page on Android
Home page on iOS

Right away you can see a difference on Android over there. The videos. Those videos are hosted on, and they load there flash players on Android, where as on iOS, they have be loaded on the player. Now the player on iOS may not load all your videos from different sites. Also over there on my Android phone, you can also read the text from the zoomed out level, but then again my phone has a HD, high resolution display.
Now, lets click on the Flash page to take a gander at some flash clips we may wan to laugh at. 


Now im going to click on that Rocktoons TV on both of them to enjoy a nice flash animation.
Result on Android
Result on iOS

There, now over on Android, it loaded the flash animation and i can now click play. Where as on iOS you just receive an error saying it cant download this. This was expected, as Flash is not for iOS, and as Steve Jobs has stated, It will never be on iOS. iOS does however have HTML5, as does Android. If you don't know what HTML5 is, Google is your best friend... but in a nutshell its similar to having Flash built into the code, and you are not require to have Flash running or installed.
Ill give another example with the full non-mobile YouTube site on both devices. 
Android on desktop YouTube
iOS on desktop YouTube

As you can see, Android on the left there has loaded the flash player, just as if you were on your desktop comptuer, and is playing the video. iOS on the right there just has the error message that you must download Flash in order for this to work. Granted, you can enable HTML5 on YouTube then load that page on your iOS device and it will essentially work, but when you click it, it just runs full screen in the player like it would without HTML5.

3. Cost. iOS will, in the long run, always cost more to operate. For one, its a smartphone (talking iPhone wise, not iPod touch) and on pretty much every carrier there is, when getting a smartphone, you are required to sign up for data. Nothing different there. Now, were the difference is, with an Apple device you are restricted to what Apple wants (Yes, yes, yes... i know you can jailbreak it.... but im writing this for the everyday user that wouldn't do that.) so if you want a custom ringtone, you must first download and buy that song from iTunes. Then once you have paid full price for that song, iTunes has built in feature that allows you to change that song  you have purchased into a ringtone, you can adjust what part of the song you want to play... yadda yadda. But to complete this and for iTunes to change it into a ringtone, that cost you. Yeah... really... On Android is much simpler, and gives you that free feeling. Just trim up any MP3 file you have in a program such as Audacity, and export that as an MP3 file. Then just plug in your Android device via USB, turn on disc storage, and open it up on the computer as if it were a flash drive, and copy and drag that MP3 ringtone onto your phone. Android noramally with automatically find it and place it into your ringtones. Or even more simpler, you can just open up the Web Browser and download MP3 files (from sites such as Myxer, or other file storage sites) and set them as ringtones. Simple, easy, free. Most of Android is like this and has that free feeling.

An iOS homescreen. 
4. Customization. Now, iOS finally FINALLY brought the ability to set a background image in the 4.0 update (yeah, a little ridiculous if i say so myself.) And then folders, and such like that. But besides that and being able to just move the icons around... thats about all the customization you will find. (Yes, once again i know you can jailbreak it and install Winterboard, ect... once again, were not talking jailbroken... we are talking stock devices.) Android is different. Apps are kept all in a drawer, and alphabetized for you, which makes finding apps in the list easier. On the desktop of Android you can have shortcuts to apps (so you dont have to open the App Drawer), gadgets, your custom wallpaper, folders, ect. And you dont have just one homescreen you have multiple to customize any way you want.

An Android homescreen, with notifications on top

5. Notifications. Im sorry, but iOS' notification system is EXTREMELY annoying! Having that little window pop up with the message in it, and not allowing you to do anything until you click open or close, is really bothersome, especially when it shows one after another. As you can see over there on the left, that screenshot of the Android homescreen? It shows the purpose of the last point and homescreen customization. But it also shows Android's, genius, notification system. All the icons to the left the the cross-hairs (thats the location icon, and the last of the system icons, which stay on the right side of the status bar.) are notifications. When they first arrive the status bar changes to words showing the message of the notification received, and then flips back to like it is over there with the icon. Then you just pull you fingers down from the top to drag down the status bar to reveal the "notification blinds". From there you can see your message again, and then click on it to view that notification. It really is must tidier and non intrusive to what you are doing.

iOS' annoying pop-up notification. 
6. Multi-tasking. Now, both OS' do multitasking fine. They don't do it great, but they get the job done. If you want a true real, and awesome multitasking experience, you need to get your hands on a webOS device. In iOS you simply hit the home button twice and it brings up the multitasking tray type thing. Then you can swipe right or left and click the icon of that app to switch back and forth between apps. If you swipe all the way to the right you get music controls, sound controls, and rotation lock. As most people said, its basically "app-switching" and that its not true multitasking. Well that may be true for some apps, some iOS apps truly multitask, but sadly for some reason the developer has to enable that. On Android it works similarly. You hold down the home button for so long and a most recent apps list shows up were you can jump from app to app. Now, on Android, it seems to work with most apps and no app normally has to start back up. From here you can close an app though. Most apps you run keep on running. You just seen the most recent apps. Which works, but not for everyone. Some people also find the need to end all the apps you not using, so they download a task-killer app from the Android market. They think running these apps makes there batter drain faster or the device perform slower. I think that is incorrect. I no longer use a task-killer. I let Android do, what Android is supposed to do, manage apps itself. If you need to simply end an app because of an error, i just go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications then click on the app I'm having issues with, and click the button saying "Force stop". Android has a built in force quit service for apps if  you really need to.
iOS multitasking
Android multiasking

Well I can continue to go on, and on about comparing the two. But what I am really trying to get at here is that iOS is not all that its cracked up to be. You should NOT go rush out to buy an iPhone, because it's the cool phone to have, it may have been back in 2007ish... but no longer. Android, and even webOS, and WindowsPhone 7, offer more options than iOS phones do now. Trust me. When buying a phone, dont get fooled by Apple. They have good products such as the Mac, Mac OS X, iPods, and yes the iPhone is pretty nice compared to a standard feature phone, but really... iPhone is not all that great when compared. But once again, this is your decision. If you still want to go with the iPhone, thats fine. You go right ahead, I will not cry or complain. I just wanted to put this out here to help you with your decision, and hope you can see the true wonders of what is Android.

Thanks for reading. =D


  1. LOL. For geeks like me, Android is fun to play with and tinker. For business and the real word, iOS only, A unified, mature OS capable of running on multiple platforms. iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV.

    Android? A fragmented mess requiring the user to have a level of tech expertise that makes the experience an Easter Egg Hunt for geeks, and frustration for the average consumer.

  2. Im not sure about that. But i guess it really depends on who you are. I have some of those non-geek/tech people that have Android phones and love them. And im not sure about that frustration, the majority of people that have them love them... Android phones do rank 2nd in most used smartphones in the world, while iOS devices rank 4th. (Nokia's Symbian is still top.. for some odd reason.)

  3. Lets start out with the obvious …. iOS vs the Android

    1. Both Unix based systems iOS more BSD based but still Unix.
    2. IOS is a closed Unix-based system … like most unix systems
    3. Android is a linux operating system … which was created by developers in the Unix world that wanted an open-based Unix system which is how Linux came to be.
    4. Main difference between iOS and Android is the closed developer base and source code on the Operating System side.

    You have a very flawed view of how things work and how you tested out Android and IOS.

    Browser speeds: having a 1GHz CPU in your phone doesn't not automatically give you more power in loading pages on a browser whether it be Blackberry, Android or the IOS. It's based on how fast your internet speed is. Whether it be off your home router or 3G network. The CPU has NOTHING to do with loading webpages. Webpage loading is based on your connection speed to the outside world. As soon as your CPU loads your browser application whether it be Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera the internet connection you have takes over from there to load your webpages.

    Flash: There is a reason Steve Jobs doesn't want to support flash … IT'S TOO FUCKING BUGGY!!

    Cost: I don't see how you decided that the iOS costs more than other smartphones … I have both an Android phone (HTC Droid Eris) and the Iphone 4, both on the Verizon network. Data plans are required on all smart phones regardless of carrier … but if you are on the AT&T Network you are going to be royally screwed. They offer 2 different data packages a 250 MB and an 2 GB bandwidth limit. 250 MB costs $15/month and 2 GB costs $30/month on the AT&T network. On Verizon it costs me $30/month for unlimited bandwidth. I don't see how the iOS costs more? It's an operating system … you get free updates when they come out … the same with the Android. So it doesn't cost any extra to maintain the iOS, what costs more is having service with a company that likes to ream you up the ass for a measly 2 GB per month ….

    Ringtones: As for your comment on ringtones … audacity is a cross-platform application that can be used to trim songs and then transfer them to your device. The iOS does allow this.

    Multi-tasking: Before I comment on anything you said about the 2 operating systesm multi-tasking features I would like to point out that if you really want to do a lot of multi-tasking and be doing 20 things at once on 3 inch screen I suggest you buy a fucking laptop.

    Do not ever put Windows based phones in the same category as The Android phones or Iphone. Windows blows … everyone knows it. They are competing in a world where they are going to be left behind because their shit sucks. And tell me … what does a Windows based smart-phone or more specifically the Windows 7 phone offer that the Iphone or even an Android based phone doesn't???
    Maybe the Blue Screen of Death … that would definitely be more features … and the same old shit from the same old company.

    And to get some facts straight … some sources may show different results but the majority show this for Mobile based Operating Systems:
    1. Symbian 2. RIM 3. Iphone 4: Android 5. Windows Based

  4. Okay. I knew i was going to get some iFan boys in this one. And yes, i knew i was going to get something about my HTC Desire being 1GHz, and my iPod touch not. I have dont a quick comparison with one of my friends iPhone 4's on the same wifi network, and 9/10 my Android phone beat out loading web pages.

    The thing about Flash... Whats is so buggy? I use it on my phone quite often, and yes it slows it down a tad, but its still very usable.

    And what is with you? I would like to point out this was a quick and simple approach at a comparison for a basic person, who is not technically advanced.

    And whats wrong with Windows Phone 7? If your talking about Windows Mobile, thats understandable. But WP7 is far better, than what you may think. Maybe you should go get your hands on a WP7 before you go and decide to troll on blogs about them, if WP7 did not have the Microsoft or Windows name in front of it, you would have a different viewpoint of it then.

    Oh, and as for the mobile OS share. They released realesed a chart in 2011 already and how it actually goes is:
    3.Blackberry OS
    5.Windows based

    Here is proof:

    iOS is declining... sorry to say to you... Android is the #1 Mobile OS in the US...

    And please what is with the trollness? Really? So if i made some mistakes, please point them out. No need to get pissed off. And if you just think that iOS is better and you have to say everything wrong about Android... then ignore this blog.

    Thank you.

  5. Alright. So let me start off by saying, im sorry. I apologies. This blog post didnt really end up being how i planed it to. It turned out into a biased based post. And i really want to apologies about that. I didnt write this the way i intended it to. The main point of this was to tell people not to buy an iPhone just because it is an iPhone, you should only buy an iPhone if it suits your needs. If you like how it does things and how it looks then buy it... but not just because it is an "iPhone" and ooooo those are the cool phones. I plan to re-write a blog post written properly and non bias towards anything. I do not hate the iPhone. I do not hate apple, oh no... i do not hate apple... I have been wanting to get a Mac for the longest time... So sorry for any misunderstanding...

  6. While I applaud the efforts some make in their quest to cut others down and prove that their device is in fact the best. It is however not as easy as it would seem to define a clear-cut winner in this situation.

    As an owner of a RIM based handheld, an Android device and an iOS based handheld as well, I feel as if I have gotten the "jist" if you will of how these devices operate.

    Let's start with RIM and admittedly, my least favorite of the trio. The Blackberry is an amazing device that does what it was designed to do very well. It's a phone, and a damn good one at that. It's not, however, what I would describe as an MP3 player, a portable movie viewer, or a gaming platform. Sure the device will do all of the above tasks, but not in a way that if I was buying the device ONLY to use for that function I would still buy it.

    The thing about my berry was that it never once crashed. It was slow at times, it didn't play music very well (in my experience) and web browsing was unbearable. But every time I had to make a call or send a text message, it sure as hell worked, and I think that was what it was designed to do.

    With RIM covered I'd like to move to the next contender, the "iOS". This is where I start to get a little, as one might say, annoyed. Everyone is a fan boy with this device. I don't mean to single you out VazDre but take a look at your comment about how Windows 7 phone is completely different. That's the "i" mentality at work there. I say "i" mentality even on the Windows device because that's what you've been drawn into, and that's what works for marketing these days. They release a slightly changed product and give it a brand new name, making you think your getting a completely new product. Just look at the naming scheme computer parts companies like Nvidia and AMD use. They release the same product over and over with a different name. Don't think I apply this only to Apple devices, it's simply where it fit best.

    My main complaint with the iOS is that compared to an Android set, it's like your living in Soviet Russia. Everything is controlled by the big glowing Apple in the sky and if it dosn't want you to do something, you can bet it won't happen. This I find solves just as many problems as it creates though. Software that passes through the Apple approval process works. It will work with your phone no if's and's or but's. This is a very similar stratagy to that used in their MAC computers, "Why would we wan't to support all this different hardware if we can be sure it work's with this one set of hardware".

    That said, I'd just like to cover some basic things I like about the iOS devices. First, the apps, there is no shortage of things to keep you interested in your phone. Second, it works well as a phone (Provided you hold them correctly...) and third, it's an excellent movie and music player.

    This leaves me to the third and admittedly my favorite, the Android operating system. I simply like that it will do whatever you like. That said the execution is flawed in many cases with the poor quality of some of the apps in the app market. Android is the fastest growing mobile O/S in the world for a reason, its fast, its sleek, its nice, and most importantly, it's cheap. Not any cheaper for us, but cheaper for the companies to produce which is why it is growing at such an astonishing rate. What really wins me over though is the amount of customization I am able to do to my Galaxy S and the amazing browser.

    That brings me to the end of my review. You'll notice I've left out windows phones. I'm sorry VazDre but this has barley changed with the re-branding of 7. It want's to be a little bit of everything, sort of like a Golden Corral. It does a lot of things OK, but nothing really exceptionally. I don't think it should even be mentioned in a discussion of good mobile O/S's.

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  8. ok sawyer ... if you owned an iphone you would know that you can jailbreak it and do anything you want to your phone. I agree that the you cant pick and choose your hardware but Apple did that for a reason ... they make more money because the OS is closed down to a specific set of hardware unless you have the Kalyway Hackintosh disk. But Apple does that because they make more money ...

    VazDrae ... your sources for the Mobile OS marketshare suck. You use one source ... how stupid. And you are using Mashable as your source ... wow. You need to look at 30 sources before you can say that the Android is number 1.

    And i've never had any problem on my iphone with service with "holding it the wrong way" then again i'm on Verizon and not stupid AT&T. If you breath wrong you won't get service.

  9. Oh, so Mashable's sources are not good eaither. Do you want another source? Here you go:

    And thats as of 2010, and Android is the fastest growing mobile OS there is.

    And i am not saying Android is number one, not at all. Symbian is. But Symbian really is crap, and should be gone soon, since Nokia is dropping Symbian on there phones, and having Windows Phone 7 as the OS.

    But i really dont understand this argument... you seem to like iOS alot, thats fine. But there is no need to sound like a troll and sound like Apple is your god. That sorta stuff really bothers me, i once did that and i realized i sounded like a dumbass and stopped. I dont hate apple, i dont have iOS, i was just comparing. Please stop this hate war.