Saturday, 13 November 2010

Well, I have applied to be a YouTube partner several times. It was once my main goal on YouTube. Later, it became more of a second though, and one of those things that "would be cool, but don't have to have it" type things. But, later YouTube started asking me to apply for revenue sharing on some of my videos because of the amount of views and such. So I applied and waited and completely forgot.

Then today when I logged on, I got a message that I had been accepted. First thoughts were: "No way". But, yes way. I am now officially a YouTube partner! One of the main things I really enjoy about being a YouTube partner is that you can brand you page and videos with banners and such. It really gives it more personal feel. Another thing, of course, is the revenue. Even though I do have a job, its nothing much since I am still a student in high school and cannot work all day and get full-time paychecks, it is nice to have some more money coming in from other sources.It can really help with getting more things to review and such as well.

So, as I am enjoying this new partner thing on YouTube, I have already created a banner on my channel, which has links to my Facebook fan page, Twitter profile, and my personal blog, this one! It of course has links right to the website as well. Another thing i have set up is that tiny little image you see on other partner's videos in the upper left hand side of the video. As of right now, im not sure im going to keep it just that 'YouonPictures' in a rounded square logo, that might be changed eventually. And possible be 'dynamic'. Meaning, it might change to whatever is going on, such as something coming up, or something new. Other users do this as-well.

So, thanks for taking a look at this blog post, and I really do have to thank my viewers for making me become a partner possible. Because if, well, I didn't have any viewers, than I wouldn't be were I am today. And for that, I thank you guys very much.

Also, here is a little info on some progress for my up-coming videos:

N64 Unboxing video: 90% complete
N64 Review: 35% complete
Samsung Acclaim replacement unboxing: 85% complete
Samsung Acclaim review: 45% complete


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