Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Alright, Im sure im not the only one hearing the two words "Black Ops" everywhere lately. Black Ops is just totally buzzing around everywhere. And it has a good reason to be buzzed about. It was just launched (technically this morning) yesterday at midnight. Alright, I will tell you now. I do not like Call of Duty. I dont know why. Will I getting it? Probably not right now. Someday? Maybe. Maybe, if the price goes down. But I myself dont get into Call of Duty much, just like how I don't care much for the entire Halo series.

I guess I can understand how people go crazy of this game. I can understand how people can go crazy over any game. I've been one of those people who obsess over games. Which games you may ask? Well, for me there are two game series tied for first place in my most favourite games list, and those to game series are: The Jak and Daxter series, and the Half-Life series. And if, for say, Half-Life 3 were to come out I probably would run out to the midnight launch and buy it for $60 for the PC. And if a new Jak and Daxter game (one actually developed by Naughty Dog) were to be released, I would do the same thing.

But the thing that bothers me the most about all this buzz of Black Ops, is the buzz. I constantly here "its going to be the greatest game ever!" "All other games suck." I say something like, "Its not that great." and all i get in response is "Shut up, your retarded." or "fuck you." It really is annoying. Hey! I admire your right to say its the best, or that you think its great. Hey, thats your opinion, but you don't need to force everyone else to like it. It would be really nice if i stopped hearing people's opinions as if they should be everyone else's opinions. That needs to stop.


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